Božična soba pobega ALI Kje se skriva Božiček?

Učenci 7. c razreda so se v dneh pred božičnimi prazniki veselili dveh zelo drugačnih ur angleškega jezika. Kot učiteljica sem jim namreč postavila izziv: poiskati bo potrebno Božička, da se pravočasno odpravi na pot in nam prinese darila. A kje ga lahko najdemo? Rešiti je potrebno kar nekaj izzivov, razvozlati kar nekaj namigov, a s skupnimi močmi nam bo nekako uspelo. In se je vse skupaj začelo ... seveda v angleščini. Preizkusite se lahko tudi vi. Pa srečno. 

It’s Christmas Eve and everything is ready for Santa’s trip around the world: the sleigh tank is full, the reindeer are fed, and the elves have wrapped up all the present.

The only thing that is missing is … Santa! No one knows where he is. Oh, no! Without Santa, thousands of children won’t get anything for Christmas!

Help find Santa and save Christmas by solving challenges on the way.

Good luck! 

Your first challenge is to open the suitcase. Follow the QR code to find out how.

Sorry, you have to find it out for yourself. Keep trying, you will figure it out, eventually :-).

Where could Santa be? You go to his sleigh and start looking around. Maybe you can find a clue here … Inside the sleigh there is a folded piece of paper. You unfold it and find out that it is a Christmas quiz.  

Choose the correct answer to each question.

Then put the letters written next to the correct answers in the right order to find out where to go next. 

Do you know? Well, the students did. 

Your next challenge is more of a game than a challenge, so you can relax for a minute.

On your way to that place (no, I’m not telling you the solution), you find a box.

Inside the box some students (in our case it was Luka, Sofia, Miha and Gal) are going to find different cards with Christmas things on them.

Their job is to describe these things to you in English, without using the words on the cards.

Your job is to find out what Christmas thing they are talking about.

Well done! It is obvious that you know a lot about Christmas!

Now you are at that place (N#2). You can tell that the elves have been very busy in the past few weeks: there are piles of wrapped up presents ready to be distributed to children around the world. There is a small box without Christmas wrapping paper. You open it and find some puzzles inside.

Find out who or what the sentences are describing.

After that unjumble the pointed letters to find out where to go next. 

The students' job was even more difficult, since they had to put the puzzles together first, before they started guessing the answers.

Congratulations! Let’s go to the place you found out!

On your way there you find four pieces of paper on the floor. Are they important or not? Who knows, so let’s take a look, just in case.

Are these letters or signs? Crack the codes to get secret words.

CODE N#1: __________________________________________

CODE N#2: __________________________________________

CODE N#3: __________________________________________

CODE N#4: __________________________________________

Well, it wasn’t a clue to where Santa is, but I hope you had fun solving the codes.

Either way, you are now one step closer to finding Santa. In the workshop, there is a small room with a desk and a chair: it’s Santa’s office. Santa uses his office to play his yearly trip around the world and to make a list of the children who were naughty and nice.

On top of the desk you find an empty glass of milk, some cookie crumbs, and a notebook. You open the notebook and check what is written in it.

It seems that this year, to get into the Christmas mood, Santa prepared a playlist. He selected some Christmas carols and wrote down the lyrics, while he was drinking a glass of milk and eating some cookies. Unfortunately, some drops of milk fell on his notes and now you can’t read all the words.

Read the Christmas carol lyrics and fill in the blanks. QR codes might help you.

Then answer the final question to find out where to go next. 

What’s the title of the second carol? ________________________

God job! I’m very glad that you made it this far!

Now you are in Santa’s home. In the living room there is a big Christmas tree. Under the tree there is a newspaper page with an article about the origins of the Christmas Crackers.

But wait! Some parts of the article have been erased.

That’s weird …

Read the following text and complete it using the phrases in the box below. Then put the letters in the boxes together to find out where to go next. 

Next stop: Santa’s ______________________

Well done! You solved challenge N#7. You are very close to find out where Santa is. Here is your last challenge.

You are in Santa’s kitchen. It is quite messy: there are eggshells, cinnamon and flour all over the place. There are also dirty bowls and spoons. You see a recipe book close to the oven. It is open on a page that says “How to bake the best gingerbread men”. It seems to be a recipe but it doesn’t make sense … The instructions are all mixed up!

Read the recipe instructions. Put the different steps in the correct order. The numbers read vertically are your final solution.

My number is:  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Well, if you made it this far (and my students did), you solved all the challenges. In case you cheat ... you won't find the answer here :-). 

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