Ustvarjamo v tujem jeziku

Gimnazija Velenje v sodelovanju z Medobčinsko zvezo prijateljev mladine Velenje vsako leto razpiše natečaj za učence 9. razreda. Natečaj jih vzpodbuja k razmišljanju in ustvarjanju v tujem jeziku, tako v angleščini kot tudi v nemščini. 

Letošnji natečaj nosi naslov "Kam drvimo?" in daje učencem nalogo, da ustvarijo literarni izdelek ali kratek filmček na naslov "Slow down and take a breath! Life is not a race." ali v nemščini pod naslovom "Eile mit Weile". 

Na natečaj, ki je potekal do 4. 2. 2020 so se prijavile 3 učenke iz 9. a razreda in sicer Zara Kočevar, s kratko zgodbo v angleščini, Eva Jesenko in Trina Posedel, ki sta prav tako skupaj zapisali kratko zgodbo v angleščini ter Eva Jesenko, ki je sodelovala tudi s samostojnim literarnim izdelkom in sicer s pesmijo z istoimenskim naslovom.

Vsi mladi ustvarjalci bodo v mesecu marcu oziroma aprilu vabljeni na zaključno prireditev s podelitvijo nagrad in priznanj, s kakšnimi prispevki pa se dekleta potegujejo za priznanja pa si lahko preberete v nadaljevanju. 

This world is always in a hurry

This world is always in a hurry,
where are we even going,
our vision is blurry,
stress and depression are growing.

I wish that the world would stop for a day
and the worries would go away.

We have to learn that life is not a race
and Earth will be a better place.

 Eva Jesenko

Stop for a second and look around

Cole and Blair are sitting on a sofa next to their dad Lucas and their mother Serena. They didn’t see each other for a few months, because Cole and Blair are very busy. They are talking about jobs and suddenly Lucas starts talking.
"Let me tell you a true story," says Lucas. "When I was a kid, my parents wanted me to have good grades. I had to study a lot. My dream was to get to a good college and get a job where I would make a lot of money. That dream came true. I become a lawyer. I loved my job even though it was pretty stressful. A few years passed and I started to forget about my passions like drawing, swimming, watching football and most importantly about other people. I worked many hours per day and I didn’t have a lot of time for friends. I thought everything was alright until my friends stopped seeing me. I didn’t think anything was wrong, maybe they were on holiday. One day my best friend Jack called and said we should meet. We met at his house, where he told me that I should take a break from work and start focusing on other things. At first, I didn’t listen to him, but at the end of the day, my thoughts came to me. I realized I’m becoming the person I never wanted to be. The next day I apologized to Jack and asked him for advice."  Jack smiled: "Well you can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Find yourself a hobby, meet new people or maybe start hanging out with co-workers more."  Things didn’t look so awful anymore. "You really are a good friend Jack. Thank you", I said. "Because of that, I started hanging out with some people, and that’s how I met your mother."
A lesson today is to be nice to yourself and others, and you should focus on important things. 

Eva Jesenko in Trina Posedel

Slow down and take a breath! Life is not a race.

     There was a girl called Emily. She was walking home from school and thinking about her birthday the next day. She was very happy about it. When she came home her parents were at work. They were very busy so she had to be home alone for most of her time. She was playing in her room and waiting for her mom and dad. But she couldn't stop being excited about her birthday. It was almost midnight and she was still alone so she decided to go to sleep. Her parents came from work very late when she was already asleep. The next morning, she woke up and her mom was getting dressed and her dad was answering some emails. Emily was finally 11 years old, this was a very important day for her. But her mom didn't say anything about it, the same was with her dad. Emily thought this was a part of her big surprise so she stayed quiet. She ate her breakfast, her mom went grocery shopping and her dad was busy with his work. It was afternoon and they still haven't said anything about Emily's birthday. She was getting sad. Mom and dad were busy all day. They were at work or they did some shopping or they were cleaning or meeting with some customers. They didn't have time for Emily and they totally forgot she had a birthday. She was preparing to go to sleep when her mom shouted. She remembered and ran to Emily's room and hugged her. Emily’s parents were too busy with work so they forgot about their daughter's birthday.
     Nowadays we always rush somewhere. We always put our work before our family. We don't live in the moment. We forget about all of the good things that are happening around us and only think about what we have to do and what we won't be able to do. The day doesn’t have enough hours to do everything we want to do. That's why stories like Emily’s happen more and more frequently. Even though we know we are rushing all the time, we don't stop.  We should slow down so the stories like Emily's will no longer be happening.

Zara Kočevar

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