POST-IT NOTE - A memo from English to you

Angleščina mi je zapisala post-it listič!

V času Evropskega dneva jezikov je nekaj devetošolcev sodelovalo na natečaju z zanimivim naslovom Post-it note: A memo from English to you. What would the English language say or advise you?

Kaj bi ti torej sporočil angleški jezik, če bi ti lahko poslal sporočilo? Bi ti povedal kaj zanimivega? Bi te pohvalil za ves tvoj trud? 

Učenci so svoje ideje strnili na samolepilne lističe, razmišljali pa so takole.

Use me more, because no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.

Learn, listen, do your homework, but most importantly: SPEAK. You will be more successful by knowing more languages in this world. Trust me!

Everyone thinks English is boring, but do you know how many accents we have? And it's really fun learning and imitating them. Try speaking with the British accent instead of playing video games! :-)

Maybe you don't like learning irregular verbs, but I'm sure you like watching football, talking about the weather and drinking tea at 5 o'clock, just like British people do.  

Eva Štemberger, 9. b

Visit other countries where you can speak English and even if you don't know how, TRY, they'll probably understand.

When you will have an opportunity to practice English, do it because someone who knows more is valuable more.

These days social media is more important than anything, so meet new people there and speak to them in English.

Never use English in bad intentions just because you'll be more successful and popular.

Tara Jegrišnik, 9. a

English is nice, unique and easy to learn.

English is a universal language.

If you learn English, you can talk with almost everyone in the world.

If you know how to speak English, you can get a better job.

Maj Zabukovnik, 9. b
I am a very interesting language.

More and more devices are in my language, so be smart and learn my language now before it's too late.

I recommend that you learn my language because in many countries you will be able to use it.

Šakira Grošić, 9. a
Learn me! I'm nice. 

I know we have had some differences in the past but don't let them affect our future.

Hey stranger! Why don't you like me? All I want is to make you understand the world.

Even if you don't like me. You will need me.

Kai Praprotnik, 9. b

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